Argument preceded fatal shooting at Amsterdam park; Three suspects released

Before 24-year-old Bas van Wijk was shot dead at Oeverlanden Park early this month, there was irritation between his group of friends and another group, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) said on Tuesday. Van Wijk’s group though that the other group, which included the man who confessed to Van Wijk’s fatal shooting, were observing them and waiting to steal their belongings.

Eyewitnesses previously reported that the victim was shot on August 8 after arguing about a stolen watch. The 20-year-old man who reportedly confessed previously led the police to a firearm and the watch, which were found in a hiding spot inside a car.

The watch police recovered belonged to one of Van Wijk’s friends, the OM said. Forensic investigators have not concluded their work, and were still checking whether the gun was the one used to shoot Van Wijk.

The 20-year-old suspect appeared in court on Monday and was remanded into custody for another 90 days, on suspicion of murder or manslaughter and extortion. Three other suspects were released from custody due to a lack of evidence of their involvement in the fatal shooting.

Attorney Willem van Vliet represented one of the suspects, and said they were all surprised by the shooting, and did not expect the 20-year-old to pull out a firearm. “The mere fact that you are present at something terrible does not mean that you are involved in a shooting,” he told.